Garden Room Super Nora E with Veranda and Shed 15m² / 8x3m / 44mm

Price: 7.740,00
Finance option

Medium sized 9 m2 garden room combined with a 3x3m veranda and 2x3m storage room. The garden room and veranda are connected with sliding doors that can be held open without being afraid they will slam in a sudden squall. The cabin’s standard kit includes double glazed doors and windows, 44mm wall planks, impregnated terrace decking, strengthening metal rods for inserting into walls, floor and roof boards, fixings, roofing felt and all other components to build this log cabin up without spending any extra.

Entrega: 3 - 5 semanas
Entrega: 4 - 8 semanas


External dimensions: 3,2 x 8 m
Wall height: 2,25 m
Ridge height: 2,56 m
Wall thickness: 44 mm
Internal area: 15 m²
Roofing: Ca 29 m², 18 mm
Floor: 18 mm
Door (s): Sliding door element with windows 2,76 x 1,95 m, double glazed, wooden shed door
Window (s): 2 x window (opening) 0,65 x 1,43 m, double glazed
Material: Nordic spruce, untreated
Additional information: Treated foundation joists, wind braces, assembly kit, real glass in windows and doors, cylinder lock, product manual, 5 years guarantee.